Pursuit community Church Mission & values

Our mission statement: Always in pursuit of Jesus and the people He loves.

Our missional neighborhood: Mounds View School District

Our Values:

We are an imperfect church for imperfect people

Not perfect? Great, you'll fit in just fine at Pursuit, we love everyone and welcome them to our church wherever they are on the spectrum of faith. We don't expect perfection but we do call people to engage with God and be open to change. All we ask is you offer the church the same grace as we grow and continually become more of what God intends. God is never done with you and he isn't done with us either.


We are "big K" kingdom people

We don't exist to make our name great, we exist to make Jesus' name great. We look to partner with other gospel centered churches, organizations and movements. At the end of the day, our goal is for people to know Jesus, not just Pursuit Community Church. We also will be as generous as we can possibly be with any resources that we have been given to steward; we truly believe we can't out give Jesus. One of the ways we plan to do this is to continue to plant new churches that are local and responsive to their own communities. We will plant our first church in our first three years of existence.

We are passionate about people who aren't here yet

We are completely enamored with the idea of connecting with lost people. Jesus, again and again, went out of his way to love and surprise lost people with grace. We want to be students of our culture, looking for opportunities to share the good news in new and novel ways. We will continue to change our methods and do whatever we can to reach people who don't know Jesus. Outward focus is a posture that will drive our language, decisions and vision for Pursuit Community Church.

We are convinced Jesus' gospel is good news for all

We are all sinners in need of a savior and we believe our hope rests only in the person and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All of history built towards Him and now testifies to who Jesus is and what he did for humanity. Everything was created through him and is being reconciled to him, including us! The gospel is central to what we do and how we do it. Jesus left us with a message (the gospel) and a mission (make disciples) and so we keep Jesus' good news in the foreground.


We are all about community and all about the community

The church was never meant to be a place where you sneak into the back row and leave without a significant connection. Jesus calls us to more, He paints a picture of a church that is known by the way we love "one another"(John 13:35). The way we do community should speak to our community. We believe both an inward and outward focus on community is what the church should be all about.